Quick Children Games

Every time you organize a children’s party, you are always faced with a dilemma. You always have a hard time looking for a game that will get the kids’ attention. You don’t want games that require a lot of materials because you want everything to be quick and effective. Here are some games that you can use anytime especially in children parties.

Find the coins

In this game, the children will definitely get dirty but it is still fun and exciting. To begin, you need to call the children that are willing to get dirty. The materials need for this game is a normal plate with some coins placed on the plate. However the plate is covered with flour. The kids have to get the coins using only their mouth. They have to place their hands behind their back. The only way to find the coins would be to blow the flour all over their faces. This is a fun activity that kids will surely enjoy. The kid who finds all the coins will be the winner.

Eat the apple

This is another popular children’s party game. The objective of this game is to consume the entire apple that will be assigned to the pair. Pairs will be selected with their hands placed behind their backs. In other words, they will only use their mouth to eat the apple. The apple is hung up using a string. They will surely have fun trying to eat the apple while trying to keep it steady. The first pair to consume the apple will be the winner.

Fun Team Building Activities: Touch, Caress, Hold

If you are looking for a fun team building activity, you are looking for activities that are easy to understand, doesn’t need many materials but fun and exciting especially for the participants. You can find many games in the internet but not all are fun and exciting. Here is a game that you can learn which is called Touch, Caress, Hold activity.

First, you need to gather the participants. The objective of this activity is to group the participants into random groups and introduce themselves to the member of the group. To form the random groups, you need to do The Boat is Sinking activity. You need to emphasize that they must be in a group that doesn’t know them nor has members that know anything about their personal life. It may be complicated at first but once you are already used to the idea, you learn to forget and you can easily do it.

To start, give ample time for the participants to know each other. Once, they introduce each other in the group, they need to form a circle. Their right hand should form a number one gesture with their index pointer pointing up will they place their left hand on the other persons finger. To touch, they touch their palms on the tip of the other person’s index finger. When the facilitator says, caress, they need to caress the index finger. When the facilitator says hold, they will try to catch or grab the other person’s index finger. They must do so without letting the other person catch their index finger as well.

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Strong

Getting sick is not option today. This is because it is very expensive to be in the hospital. You need money to pay for the hospital and especially for your medicine. You also get to miss your daily activities such as your work and your responsibilities. This is true to your kids also. If they get sick, then this means additional expenses for your family. They also get to miss their classes which can affect their performance to school. Here are some tips to keep the kids healthy so they won’t get sick.

Our kids today can become restless and become too active in school or in playing games. There could be times that they spend many hours listening to music, chatting and calling their friends or play games in their smartphones. When they don’t get enough rest, they are prone to sicknesses and they easily contact different diseases. When they get plenty of rest, they can perform well and they have a strong immune system.

Of course, parents have to encourage their kids to exercise. They don’t have to exercise to build muscles. They can exercise just to make their bodies function well. For those that are not aware, the body is like a machine. It has to be oiled regularly so it can work. By exercising, you keep the body well-oiled and functioning to combat against stress and diseases.

Everything boils down to how the parents discipline and raise their children. When the kids don’t have a healthy lifestyle, they are prone to diseases.

Children Game – Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a very popular game usually by kids when they are still young but can also be played by teens and adults during their free time. The objective of these games is for the “it” to find all the participating individuals. There are many variations on how to play this game, depending on the location, the number of players and the behavior of the individual players.

The players have different ways to do it but they usually select a player that will become the “it”. The “it” has to first count through a predetermined number while covering his eyes. As the “it” is counting, the other players grab the opportunity and try to conceal themselves so the “it” would not see them. The “it” when he has finished counting will now begin to search for the players. Hide and seek is a very good example of oral traditional games because the game has been passed down to the next generation through word of mouth.

By playing hide and seek, children learn valuable lessons along the ways. First, they learn to play with, work with and interact with other kids. They begin to develop bond and friendship. Just like other team building activities, they develop self-confidence and the comfort when in front of many people. As a parent, you must support your kid when they ask to play in different games including hide and seek. They also develop strategies to find the best location to hide so that they won’t be seen by the “it”.

Fun Things to Do While In the Train

In some parts of the world, the train is still one of the primary modes of transportation. Even if there are airplanes available, many still prefer the train because it is way cheaper. Trains are popular in continents and countries that have a very large land area. India and European countries are only some of the locations where trains are available. Traveling by train usually takes several hours and if you traveling with the family you need to find ways to make the trip worthwhile. Here are some fun ideas that you can do to make the train trip with the family worthwhile.

Eye spy can be a good game if you are traveling, be it in a car, motorcycle or public vehicle. The participants basically take turns in asking the other participants to look for something and point it. The person who will initiate the round will say this aloud, “Eye spy, eye spy, with my little eye”. Then he will mention anything that he wants others to look for. The first person who will point to the right object will be the one to initiate the next round.

Charades is another great game to play while traveling in the train. Divide the group into two groups. The category will be agreed upon first. Then the first team to perform has to select the person to “act” out the phrase. The objective of this game is to guess the word or phrase that the “actor” acts without saying any word. Everything has to be done in actions.

How to Play with the Spider Web

The Spider Web is one of the most popular team building activities. There are many valuable lessons that the Spider Web can teach the kids. First, it teaches the kids to be patient. When one can see a web being constructed, the spider has to painstakingly construct the web before it becomes beautiful. Like the spider, the kids can be taught to really be patient in everything.

As you all know, the web is used by the spider to catch their food. This brings another lesson to the kids. You have to be creative and work hard for your food. Something beautiful doesn’t mean that it is good. A spider’s web is nice-looking but you can see what happened to all the insects that got trapped. As a team building activity, it teaches the kids that to be flexible on your own is an asset but if you have to be a team-player to overcome any obstacle.

The objective of this game is to let every member of the team pass through the Spider Web without touching it. If one member touches it, the spider will come and eat everyone so they have to start all over again. There is no definite path to take but the objective really is to bring out teamwork.

To prepare this activity, plastic string will be used as a material. The strings have to be tied up to make it look like a spider web but the gaps have to be big enough for a person to pass through. Literally, each member have to be carried through each hole to be successful.

Fun Things to Do On the Beach

One good thing about the beach is that you can do many activities there. When planning for vacations, people usually include beaches on their trips. Aside from the opportunity to really enjoy and have a good time with friends and family, you get to have fun with different activities. Here are some fun things that you can do on the beach.

First, you can just enjoy the breathtaking view. You can really have a good looking at the crystal blue waters beneath the fine white sand. You can watch the beautiful sunrise early on the morning and the heartwarming sunset before the end of the day. When the skies are clear at night, you can just lie on the sand and watch the stars and moon. If you are fond of the mountains too, you can go up the hill and enjoy the view of the beachfront.

Second, you can do snorkeling or diving. If you happen to visit a beach that is near a coral reserve, you are in for a treat. You can go snorkeling and watch the different coral formations as well as the rich marine life that is present in a coral area. You can even go diving. If you have time and the equipment you can try deep sea diving which is another wonderful experience. There are also beautiful corals underwater and much richer marine life that you can enjoy. If diving and snorkeling is not for you, you can do island hopping and visit one island to another.

The Millipede Walk

Everyone is familiar with a millipede. It is an insect that has hundreds of feet that walk together to move forward. This is the premise of another popular team building activity. To start the activity, the facilitator will say that there was once a millipede that went out to look for food. Along the way, he came upon a river. The food that he wants is on the other side of the river. He has to cross the river to get to his meal however there are only three stones to step on. He has to cross the river using only the three stones without falling to the river.

Each team has to line up, one person beside the other. The first person ties his left foot with the right foot of the next person beside him and so on and so forth. The stones are slightly apart and are not aligned in a straight line so it has to be a challenge to walk forward. The stone that will be used for this activity is a small box on the ground that can contain the feet of two persons.

The person has to step on first stone then the next while waiting for the next person to make his footing too. They have to work together, be coordinated and balanced at the same time so they won’t fall off the stone. One can’t move forward without informing the other person because their legs are intertwined. This will surely be a fun activity to do.

Quick Pre-activity Games for Kids

If you are around kids a lot of times, you may need to gather them together for an activity. This is important especially if you are a teacher, a parent or even a volunteer at a children’s shelter. You must think of activities that is easy to memorize, easy to execute, does not need materials and can quickly gather the kids. Here are some quick pre-activity games for kids that you can use.

The Boat is Sinking is one example of gathering the children. The facilitator/ teacher will just have to say aloud “The boat is sinking. The boat is sinking. Group yourselves to…” Then the facilitator will finish the statement with a number or category. The children have to quickly make a group according to the number of member and the category mentioned by the facilitator. Through this activity, the facilitator quickly gathers the children into groups.

Paint me a picture is another good activity to gather the kids. The children have to be divided evenly into different groups. Once the kids are divided, the facilitator has to teach the kids the tone of pain me a picture. The facilitator will say, “Paint me a picture of?” And the kids will say, “I don’t know.” This has to be repeated until the facilitator finishes the announcement with scene or object that the kids have to recreate. The timer is started and the kids have to perform fast before the timer will end.

Once the time runs out, the facilitator will say, “Freeze!”. The best group with the best scene wins the first round.

Summer Sports That Your Kids Will Enjoy

Summer only comes once in a year so you must take advantage of this time to let your kids enjoy the warm sun. There are many activities that your kids can choose from including games and different art activities that your kids would surely enjoy. You can also enroll them in different sports. If you don’t have any idea on what sports to choose, here’s an overview of some of the popular sports.

Soccer is a good game for kids. More commonly known as association football, it allows the kids to run around the soccer field while kicking the ball. This is a good sport because it requires fitness and team cooperation. It is a way to let them interact with other kids.

Swimming is another great sport to enroll during summer. Aside from the joy that your kids will get in bathing in the swimming pool, this is a great way to teach them a basic survival skill which is swimming. Swimming is important not only to save yourself but also others. At the same time, it is a fun way to exercise. Once your kids know swimming, they will have confidence when bathing in the water.

There are other sports to choose from including basketball, baseball and many more. The important thing there is you gave the kids an opportunity to improve themselves in terms of physical abilities and their interpersonal skills. They will surely have a good time as they run around the grounds under the warm sun.