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Fun Games for Team Building – Fun Starters


Fun Games for Team Building

A business’ success is often dependent on the cooperation and communication among all the people behind it. Unfortunately, people don’t always get along with each other, even when they set their personal issues aside. Conflict among employees and employers can really affect the way a business operates, which in turn affects profits and long-term success.

One way to discourage or minimize conflict in the workplace is to regularly hold teambuilding sessions. These sessions may be held at the office or even off-site at resorts and corporate venues. These events are most productive when they not only encourage unity but also allow participants to have fun. If you’re planning to facilitate teambuilding events for your office soon, consider these fun teambuilding activities.

Draw What I Say

For this activity, you can split participants into teams of two. For each team, give one member a sheet of paper with a special shape or item drawn on it. Give the other team member a blank sheet of paper. Have that member draw their team’s assigned shape on the blank sheet of paper, using only the verbal instructions of his or her team member. The resulting drawings can be hilarious. This activity emphasizes the importance of proper communication among team members.

Zip Zap Zop

Zip Zap Zop is a popular game that focuses both on fun and teamwork. For this teambuilding game, participants must be splits into teams, with each team standing in a circle. One team member starts the game by yelling the word ‘zip’ and pointing to another team member. That team member then points to another member while yelling the word ‘zap’. That member does the same, only saying the word ‘zop’. This game must be played at a fast pace, with the words said in the right order.

The game allows participants to loosen up while teaching the importance of teamwork and paying attention to detail.

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