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Fun Ideas for Graduation Parties – Fun Starters


Fun Ideas for Graduation Parties

High school graduation is one of the most important milestones in any child’s life. After successfully finishing twelve difficult years of schoolwork, your child definitely deserves to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate this milestone than a graduation party? A graduation party is a great way for you to celebrate your child’s achievement and hard work.

For your child’s graduation party to be successful, though, you have to do some major some serious planning for it. It’s always best to plan the party with your child. Agree on a date and time, and decide whether you’re going to be throwing a large bash or just a small get-together for family members and close friends. You should also have your kid make a guest list for the party. The number of people on your child’s guest list should help you decide where to hold the party.

You can also get your child’s help when it comes to the party’s theme. For a simple yet fun theme, you can go with the school colors of your child’s high school. Decorate the venue with streamers in the school colors, or serve food that features these colors. If your child was active in sports, you can also use this theme for the party. Your child may also want for the party to have no theme at all.

You and your child can also brainstorm on ideas that can make the party more fun and memorable. One such idea is to go around with a video camera and ask party guests for a message for your child. Record each message and have them made into a DVD for your child to remember the party by. You can also distribute white shirts and permanent markers to your child and his guests so that they can write messages on each other’s shirts.

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