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Tips on Having Family Fun on the Slopes – Fun Starters


Tips on Having Family Fun on the Slopes

Skiing is a great activity that families can do on vacations. Parents can teach their kids the basics of skiing, or families can take classes and learn together. Whatever option is chosen, skiing remains to be a good learning and bonding activity for kids and parents. If your family is planning to hit the slopes soon, here are some tips that can help you have even more fun.

Make sure to choose age-appropriate activities.

Many directors of ski resorts say that many kids start with their first skiing lesson at age four. Younger children may not be comfortable with handling ski equipment, so it’s best to gauge their readiness first. You can walk around in the ski area with them to make them more comfortable with the activity. Teens, on the other hand, usually want to go on the slopes without parental guidance. You can opt to sign them up with lessons with other teens, but remember to choose a class with a certified instructor.

Pick the right classes.

Skiing classes are great because they also teach your kids how to socialize with his or her peers, aside from teaching them skiing skills. Classes with certified ski instructors are also recommended. It’s always best to pick the classes that suit the skill level of your kids. At some resorts, parents can sign up their younger kids for ‘snow play’ classes. At these classes, kids learn skiing skills while getting the chance to have fun with other kids in the snow. Kids who’ve had a couple of years of skiing experience may be ready for more advanced classes.

Talk about the benefits of skiing.

If your kids are feeling a little reluctant about skiing, you can tell them about the benefits they can enjoy from the activity. One of the best benefits of skiing is that it makes the body stronger. Experts say that skiing can enhance core strength and improve coordination. Skiing is also a great way for kids to meet peers.

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